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About Us

About Us

People enjoy true life stories! How about true stories of Western & Frontier Canada?

Gopher Books Inc., publishes true stories of Western Canada, about disasters, blizzards, outlaws, murders, heroism, lost gold mines, brave pioneers, brave policemen, unsolved mysteries, frontier justice, well, you get the picture.

Gopher Books Inc.Compilied and authored by Frank W. Anderson of Saskatoon, the books are tightly written with original pictures throughout.

Have you read about the Star City (SK) shoot-out? The murders at Quill Lake (SK)? The Dugald (MB) train disaster? Estevan's (SK) deadly riot? The fatal flight of Trans Canada #810 in 1956 (BC)? The 1906 blizzard in southern Alberta? The Dark Strangler who claimed 26 victims in 1925 before being captured in Wakopa, MB? The Outlaws of Manitoba? The Manchur Murder Case at Wakaw (SK)? The Robert Cook murder case at Stettler (AB) in 1959? These are just a few of the real life stories available from Gopher Books Inc.

Currently, Gopher Books publishes 36 Titles with more in planning. The most recent book is "OLDTIME MONTANA SHERIFFS AND OUTLAWS", complete with original pictures. Many books are in their 5th or 6th reprint.

Publisher Dennis Korte, "Our history is absolutely spellbinding and fascinating; we certainly enjoy getting letters and e-mails from across Canada with "We had no idea that happened here", "Did you know...", "Do you have this story...?", "My great uncle was apparently...!", etc."

Priced $6.95 plus GST, the 100 page books are sized 5 1/4" x 8 1/4".

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